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Information for advertisement business

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 It is intended that we allot for improvement of reinforcement and citizen service of financial fundamental of city by paid advertisement business of Chigasaki-shi effectively utilizing assets of city as one of the policies to aim at fiscal restoration for the future, and securing new resources. In addition, we hope that we contribute to activation of economy by expansion of advertisement opportunity. Please inflect.

Advertisement offer corner

It is information for offer information of various advertisements of city.

 We would like inquiry about application and advertising media to person in charge of detailed page mention of each medium.

About basic policy about advertisement

 In Chigasaki-shi, we established "basic policy about advertisement in Chigasaki-shi" in April, 2012 and carried out various advertisements business.

 Summary versions of basic policy (April, 2012) are as follows.

 We placed naming rights as new technique to push forward advertisement business more effectively and revised basic policy in February, 2017.

 Revised editions (February, 2017) of basic policy are as follows.

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