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how to find information you need

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 As you gave method to find information that he/she wants to know, please use. Still I am sorry to trouble you, but please refer to phone number listing in each item such as "living" or "municipal administration information" when information is not found.

We look for from search in site

 By search in site, we can look for information that he/she wants to know in keyword. We can narrow down the number when we have keyword leaves space and input plural number.
Input example: "Resident's card" "resident's card window belonging"

We look for from field of living

 By living, we divide information into field and introduce. We can look for from field near information that he/she wants to know.

Procedure guidance / child care, education / kindergarten, elementary and junior high school / elderly / life welfare / impaired / health / environment, garbage / consumer life / lifelong learning, sports / sports facility / taxes / national pension / national health insurance / house / public hearing consultation / road safety, parking lot 

We look for from municipal administration information

 In municipal administration information, we introduce plan and finance of city.

We look for from civic participation calendar

 With civic participation calendar, we display plans such as course or event such as classroom monthly. It is revealed at first sight, and there are thing held on the day or thing held in period for contents and search from holding place. 

  • Publication information
    Event, course, health, culture, culture, sports, council information, public comment

We look for from organization

 We introduce duties information for each section of Chigasaki-shi.

We look for from site map

 We display main item published in Chigasaki-shi homepage with list.

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