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Guidance of portable site

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Page number C1010437  Updated on  November 19, 2014

In portable site of Chigasaki-shi, we offer the following menu.

  • News from the city
  • In the case of emergency
  • Our facilities, reservation
  • Living

Access method to Chigasaki-shi carrying site

Two-dimensional bar code of Chigasaki-shi carrying site. We can easily access mobile site when we read with cell-phone for bar code.

You directly input the following URL, or please read two-dimensional bar code with cell-phone.

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The Planning Department, Secretarial and Public Relations Section, Charge of Public Relations
City hall main government building the fifth floor
〒253-8686 1-1-1, Chigasaki, Chigasaki-shi
Telephone: 0467-82-1111 fax: 0467-87-6345
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