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Infectious disease information

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Page number C1004588  Updated on  January 18, 2019

About official announcement of infectious disease trendy warning

Trendy warning of influenza is announced

In Chigasaki-shi Health Center jurisdiction, the outbreak situation of influenza of the second week (from January 7 to January 13) became number of patients 36.55 per 1 fixed point in 2019 in infectious disease development pulse-taking (jurisdiction 11 fixed point medical facility), and it was that exceeded 30 that it was the standard value of fashion warning level, and influenza fashion warning was announced on January 17.

Trendy warning of erythema infectiosum (fifth disease) is announced

Trendy warning of chickenpox (chicken pox) is announced

Chigasaki-shi Health Center jurisdiction infectious disease information

Week (from January 7 to January 13) second in weekly bulletin 2019

[a word of director of this week] Influenza warning was announced in every prefecture. These past two or three weeks are regarded as peak. As influenza is not a cold, as for the attack, a lot of fever more than 38 degrees comes to respiratory symptom later. Even adult may be aggravated. I would like early medical facility consultation for prevention of aggravation and prevention of infection spread. New medicine defervescing on the same day appears, but thinks that there is infection power after the alleviation of fever until the second day. Please try for home rest with going out near at hand. Around symptomatic person, please wear mask.
Chickenpox, rubella, pertussis are during infection spread, too. When we detect rash and spasmodic, strong cough, let's consult medical institution.

We update outbreak information of infectious disease in Chigasaki-shi Health Center jurisdiction (Chigasaki-shi, Samukawa-machi) every week. It becomes average in jurisdiction for the past 5 years, the fashion of last year and the prefecture of this year and graph of the fashion situation in the jurisdiction. In addition, we send information such as infectious diseases that you should be careful about as a word of director of this week.

With "the number of patients per fixed point" patient fixed point (is cooperation medical facility having report the patient outbreak situation every week. It is the mean of the number of patients that establishes 11 places of internal medicine fixed points, seven places of pediatric fixed points, two places of ophthalmology fixed points, two places of sexually transmitted disease fixed points in jurisdiction, and was reported from).

For example, it is medical facility of fixed point to say number of patients "1.00" per fixed point for influenza and is that patient of an average of one influenza had a medical examination a week.

The fashion varies according to age and seasons. You confirm new information, and please make use for the everyday infectious disease prevention.

Past infectious disease information

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