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We perform information dispatch using Twitter

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Account name is "Chigasaki_city"

  We perform information distribution that utilized Twitter (Twitter) to tell event information and sightseeing information, disaster information to many people in Chigasaki-shi.
 Account name is "Chigasaki_city". As we can confirm information quickly by having you respond, I would like follow by all means.

With Twitter (Twitter)

 Twitter is one of the services called micro-blog and publishes the latest articles such as news or news in real time. We can post short sentence (mutter) within 140 characters on Twitter by registering, and users increase rapidly in the country because we mutter casually between users and toss. We are connected to the Internet from PC or cell-phone even if we do not register and can see Twitter.

Person wanting to know Twitter in detail look at Twitter formula navigator "twinavi" (tsuinabi).


The service of Twitter is provided free, but communication fee and packet rate become user burden. In addition, please be careful as large amount of communication fee may be charged as for the cases that do not make packet communication fee of cell-phone flat rate. (please refer to each mobile phone carrier for packet rate of cell-phone)


  • Twitter becomes in principle weekday delivery.
  • We do not perform principle follow and retweet, but, as part of approach of wide area cooperation of Chigasaki-shi and Samukawa-machi, perform follow, retweet (event information and sightseeing information) in Samukawa-machi.
  (explanatory note) We deliver in emergency.

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