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Streaming (hamoniasu chigasaki, regular news conference) that utilized YouTube

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City public information program "hamoniasu chigasaki" streaming

 You can see "hamoniasu chigasaki" which we broadcasted in YouTube in the past!

 Title of channel is "hamoniasu chigasaki broadcasting station".
 As we divide "emergency management information" "sightseeing" "culture, history" "company feature" "Chigasaki-shi songs to bear song together" item by item, it becomes easy to look for information that is interested.
 Please see by all means (how many degrees without saying).

Mayor regular news conference streaming

 We utilize YouTube for the purpose of having you feel close more clearly by sending administration information to citizen's all of you visually and, about Mayor press conference holding for precedent, carry out streaming.

Other streaming

 For example, we are going to deliver handling method of mobile hose storage box and nature of Chigasaki, various videos including course.
Channel title is "chigasaki video library". Check it out!

Eboshi Maro and Mina

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