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We announce 10 size news result of Chigasaki-shi this year in 2018!

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Eboshi Maro and Mina

We finally stayed in 2018, and there became a few.
We carried out questionnaire from December 7 to 24th to add up event of Chigasaki-shi that remained in impression of everybody in city, and to announce the higher tenth place as "10 large news in this year" (about vote on 24th, the situation that could not vote by setting error of public period of city homepage partly occurred daylong and caused trouble).
Turnout had 358 people, many votes of 1,074 votes, and "10 size news of this year" was decided!
(note) when there is mention of redundant number to the same ballot, calculate for one vote

10 size news decision of 2018 this year! (22 items for the choice refer to attached sheet PDF)

Light Chigasaki southern art fireworks 2018 (October 27) of hope that first place [129 votes] southern turned on

Thought of people that it was said to support "Southern All Stars" (popular name southern) which led music and fireworks artist, Keisuke Kuwata from cross-fertilization, Chigasaki became one, and holding realized.

We carry out second place [115 votes] Chigasaki Mayor and Chigasaki-shi congressist by-election (November 18)

 With sudden death of late Hattori Mayor, Chigasaki Mayor and Chigasaki-shi congressist by-election were carried out. It was performed while 18 years old or more had the right to vote, and Arata Sato Mayor was born.

Third place [89 votes] rainbow kids to bridge of both cities! We carry out young people dispatch business to sister city Honolulu (from 16 to 22 on March)

We carried out Chigasaki-shi's first young people overseas deployment business to develop young international sense to live for in global society, and to deepen Chigasaki-shi and mutual understanding of both Honolulu City, county cities, and to plan international goodwill.

We bless by age "first championship" of fourth place [85 votes] Shonan Bellmare turning point (October 27)

Shonan Bellmare is one to 0 and defeats Yokohama F. Marinos in the J League YBC ruvankappu final and wins the championship for the first time! We swelled very much in Chigasaki-shi that was one of Home Town.

Fifth place [67 votes] "congratulations of the 40th anniversary of the southern" forming a human letter (June 23)

Approximately 1,040 people visited Chigasaki elementary school which was old school of Keisuke Kuwata from wide area from Hokkaido to Kyushu, and letter and "Eboshi rock" of "southern SAS40 congratulations" made "gull".

Sixth place [64 votes] Yanagishima sports Park opening of the park! Sports Park ... (March 25) that are full of green to bring up ... health

Other than general sports stadium and tennis court, in jogging course and this park with multipurpose open space, citizen's everybody gets close to sports recreation freely anytime, and it will be in place where there are health promotion and physical training.

DJ, HAGGY of sightseeing in seventh place [57 votes] chigasaki goodwill ambassador 5,555 times of live program charge number of times (April 20)

DJ, HAGGY of sightseeing in chigasaki goodwill ambassador achieved 5,555 times of live program charge number of times! Please send smile to Shonan from now on!

Live aiko in eighth place [50 votes] southern beach after an interval of three years (August 30)

We start in 2003 irregularly. By the live concert of aiko which came back to Chigasaki after an interval of three years, huge set was installed in beach, and 37,000 record-high audiences gathered!

The ninth place [49 votes] "others" (if there is event that everybody was left in impression any place other than the item mentioned above, please fill out)

We had many description votes as well as 21 items that city chose. For opinion that it was a lot, it was "sudden death of late Hattori Mayor" and that "protest flooded in by comfort woman movie support, and it was in nationwide topic".

Tenth place [41 votes] typhoon 24 rages! The maximum instantaneous wind speed 36.8m/s (from September 30 to October 1)

Under the influence of typhoon 24, influence of "record storm" including massive blackout and plan suspension of railroad spread through each place.

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