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Information for Yanagishima, Chigasaki-shi campground

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Information for Yanagishima, Chigasaki-shi campground

About reservation

Please make a reservation from the next reservation site.

About administration from April 1, 2018

We introduce manager system designated than April 1, 2018, and administration by Yanagishima campground administration consortium starts.
Please refer for choice process and result than the following internal link.

In addition, as for the you like, I would like reservation from reservation site as it has already started about reservation after April 1, 2018.

About status

One in hope of accommodation is available for reservation from 9:00 of month six months ago for the first day.
(note) example) When we hope for the use of August, we make a reservation from 9:00 on February 1 and start.

Person hoping for getting and back in a day is available for reservation from 9:00 of month three months ago for the first day.
(note) example) When we hope for the use of August, we make a reservation from 9:00 on May 1 and start.

We built more sites because of favorable reception

As you built more the following sites, please use at this opportunity. As you ride plan, please confirm.

  • Tent site
    From the third tent site tent site 16 20 (the third tent site is free site.)
  • Furnace site
    From E1 E8 (simple furnace which made in concrete block)

Plan of accommodation ridge and log cabin and tent site

Furnace and plan of barbecue corner

We began official facebook

We began Yanagishima campground formula facebook.
As we put event information, we think that you can confirm in conjunction with official homepage.

Let's observe creature of the sea! With a rustling sound experience-based meeting

September event information

Let's observe creature of the sea! We hold experience-based meeting with a rustling sound.
The date and time: Sunday, September 9 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00
(wave is in confusion and cancels in case of rain)
Entrance fee: 500 yen primary schoolchild 300 yen infant is free more than junior high student
Capacity: 30 people
The reception desk deadline: Sunday, September 2
As for the reservation, I would like message from telephone or Facebook page in Yanagishima campground (0467-87-1385)!

Belonging: Hat, net, Malin shoes (shoes not to have injury on), person you have sunglasses (if can do it thing of polarization)
Come to drink, under the knee in clothes which may get wet!

It is method to catch fish or prawns with net while doing with foot slop-slop with a rustling sound using net in river and the sea.
Even adult forgets time and, let alone child, is absorbed easily.
The shore in front of Yanagishima campground becomes big pond (tide pool) at the time of ebb.
Various small fish gather there; like small aquarium!
We drive fish together this time and catch while doing with a rustling sound.
After having captured, we observe and, using water tank for observation, will check kind!
For conservation of nature, we put back creature to the sea after observation was over.
Please take water tank home with it; (^^)
Finally I would like cooperation of bi-chikuri-n.
Let's follow beautiful Yanagishimakaigan together!

About check-in time of accommodation, day return

 Acceptance of check-in of return starts from 11:00 a.m. on accommodation, day.

 At first we rent the key to payment with cash, entry (only as for the accommodation) of visitors' book, issuance of identification of parking (to two 1 site first-come-first-served basis), rental product and accommodation ridge (only as for the accommodation) with management ridge. Procedure smoothens when we will perform confirmation of preparations, entry of visitors' book of cash and thing to rent beforehand. As it is in the homepage lower part about visitors' book, please inflect.

About check-out time of accommodation

 Window correspondence of management ridge is from 8:00 a.m. We would like check-out time of accommodation from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00.

Hall facility

The accommodation ridge appearance

The accommodation ridge room (for 24 persons)

The accommodation ridge room (for 7 persons)

The log cabin appearance

The log cabin room (for 6 persons)

Tent site

Kitchen Northern (furnace)

Kitchen southern (furnace)

Barbecue corner

Slack line

The location

1592-1, Yanagishimakaigan, Chigasaki-shi frontage



Use time
Time for check-in of accommodation, day return It starts from 11:00 a.m.
Time for check-out of one-day one Until evening 17:00
Time for check-out of accommodation Until next morning 10:00
Various receptionists It is 18:00 in the evening from 9:00 a.m.

(note) parking lot after check-out and facility use are not possible.

Closure day

On Tuesday (except July, August)
(note 1) It opens when Tuesday is holiday, and latest weekdays after the next day are closure day.
(note 2) It opens for the year-end and New Year holidays (from December 29 January 3).

Transportation guide

・Train and bus on the use

(1) Take Japanese nutmeg 33 system or Japanese nutmeg 37 system from JR "Chigasaki" station south exit Platform 1, and it is said "Hamamidaira housing complex" getting off (approximately ten minutes) [one-way 170 yen], is approximately 15 minutes on foot.

(2) Take Japanese nutmeg 31 system or Japanese nutmeg 35 system from JR "Chigasaki" station north exit Platform 3, and is foot from "Hamamidaira housing complex" getting off (approximately ten minutes) [one-way 170 yen]; approximately 15 minutes.

・Car on the use

(1) We turn left at "Yanagishimakaigan" via Route 134 signal from the Fujisawa area.

(2) We turn right at "Yanagishimakaigan" via Route 134 signal from the Hiratsuka area (there is right turn signal)

Parking lot (number)

Up to 60
(note) but, to two 1 site, is first-come-first-served basis.


(note) that is with pets; cannot enter.
(note) that bring in electric appliance; cannot use.
(note) because there is in erosion control forest of coastal protection area, our campground is limited to use of fire around field kitchen. Please do not use fire at place except around field kitchen. (fire in tent site, accommodation ridge, log cabin unusable)
(note) please refrain from ball play (include badminton, Frisbee) in campground and great jump rope.
(note) accommodation is until up to 4 days and 3 nights. 4 nights or more cannot stay.

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Yanagishima, Chigasaki-shi campground
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