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Room of Mayor

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Chigasaki Mayor Akira Sato
Chigasaki Mayor Akira Sato


 Chigasaki-shi is endowed with beach and green and climate warm throughout the year of hill spreading out in the northern part to spread through the southern part.
 Much looks at this homepage including citizen's to have you know Chigasaki-shi well in these abundant natural environments and have you know Chigasaki-shi more and are happy if they have you come to like.

 Because it is town that Chigasaki-shi can spend for anyone in peace pleasantly, we would like power as one of understanding cooperation with all of you as we will promote municipal administration in total.



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City hall main government building the fifth floor
〒253-8686 1-1-1, Chigasaki, Chigasaki-shi
Telephone: 0467-82-1111 fax: 0467-87-6345
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