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Latest population and household

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Page number C1016901  Updated on  January 8, 2019

Population and household of the most new moon

As of January 1, 2019

  The total number Man Woman

242,079 people

117,892 people

124,187 people
Household 102,035 households
Population density

6,780.9 people/square kilometer

  • Number is decision level.
  • It is population that we estimated than the increase and decrease with birth, death, transference based on national census in 2015 and household.
  • 35.70 square kilometers in area (reference level of Geographical Survey Institute "area key according to metropolis and districts municipalities of the whole country") of Chigasaki-shi


Age-specific population statistics investigation survey results report

As of January 1, 2018
Item The total number Man Woman Composition ratio (the total number)
It is 14 years old from 0 years old

   32,039 people

   16,273 people    15,766 people 13.3%
It is 64 years old from 15 years old  145,642 people    73,108 people    72,534 people 60.6%
65 years old or older    62,500 people    27,528 people    34,972 people 26.0%
Age is unknown         770 people       512 people         258 people
The total 240,951 people

117,421 people

123,530 people
The average age      46.05 years old      44.85 years old       47.19 years old
  • This number adds up based on confirmed report level of national census.

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