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Chigasaki-shi government office

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Photograph of Chigasaki-shi government office main government building

The location

1-1-1, Chigasaki, Chigasaki-shi


0467-82-1111 (main)



Business hours

It is 17:00 from 8:30 of Monday through Friday

Closed days

It is January 3 from holiday, holiday, December 29

Usage guidance

Three parking space (main government building north side rotary) for handicapped person

Parking lot for person from next agency

Please refer to this page


Map of Chigasaki-shi government office

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Finance Department Property Administration Section administration of property charge
City hall main government building the fifth floor
〒253-8686 1-1-1, Chigasaki, Chigasaki-shi
Telephone: 0467-82-1111 fax: 0467-87-8118
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