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About sewer business and river

It is information for sewer business or 1,000 no rivers

 We pretend to be the staff of city and have that we visit each home and say that cleaning and check of drainage pipe (drainage) in residential land of community sewer are necessary and require the price using vague words that seemed to come by request of city recently.
 Even duty is not compulsion, and, also, city entrusts suppliers, and cleaning of drainage pipe in each family may not demand the price. (if it is doing normal how to use, it will never be said that sewage trachea is clogged up, but it is important to prevent you from usually draining oil and fat and thing which is hard to drift.)
 When even a little seems questioningly,

  1. We demand the presentation of identification card and check birth and parentage of partner.
  2. We do not contract immediately on the spot even if pressed "to discount now".

Please be careful not to encounter nado damage.

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