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Organization of Chigasaki-shi

General Affairs Department

Administrative Affairs Section

Call, statistics survey by assembly, self-government basics bylaw, information disclosure, personal information protection

Personnel Section

Staff personnel affairs, the training, salary, welfare program

Citizen Autonomy Promotion Section

Promotion, support of social movement, social movement support center, Neighborhood Council, civic festival, local meeting facility

Legal Document Section

Document, official seal management, bylaw (plan) rule (plan) examination

Citizen Section

Family register, citizen registration, seal registration, approval of use of Funeral Home

Duties of Chigasaki City Office Koide Branch and Funeral Home

Family register, citizen registration, seal registration, storing such as city taxes, certification of tax, approval of use of Funeral Home, the pros and cons of national health insurance, participation of national pension, rental of assembly room, rental of cremation, ceremonial hall

Planning Department

Planning & Management Section

Administrative measure plan investigation, comprehensive plan, protracted-life society

Administrative reform promotion room

Administrative reform, administrative organization, the staff fixed number

Secretarial & Public Relations Section

Secretary, commendation, ceremony of Mayor, Vice Mayor, Chigasaki-shi song, public information paper, CATV city public information program, homepage

Regional Service Policy Section

Maintenance promotion of country prefectural road, country prefecture jurisdiction river, prefectural park, maintenance, integrated administration of a large region of northern part hill, request to country, prefecture, base measures, decentralization, handover of power

Information Development Section

Maintenance, development of computer duties system

Facilities Restructuring & Maintenance Section

Maintenance, reorganization, extension of life of public building

Finance Department

Finance Section

Planning and coordination of financial measure, budget, financial statements, contribution reception desk

Property Administration Section

Government building management, rolling stock management, the site acquisition

Contracting & Inspection Section

The article purchase, bid participant examination, authorization, construction contract, inspection

Tax Collection Section

The collection, disposition for failure to pay taxes of city tax, certification of tax, registration, junk car of motorcycle, small-sized special motor vehicle, car temporary service permit

Resident Tax Section

Levy, chotei, statistics of city prefectural tax

Property Tax Section

Grant of levy, land tax ledger of property tax, city planning tax

Civil Safety Department

Disaster Prevention Section

Anti-disaster measures, emergency management plan, disaster prevention drill, upbringing, crisis control and management of voluntary emergency management organization

Safety Management Section

Road safety, security measures (crime prevention light), illegally parked bicycle, bicycle parking (car) place, illegal parking measures

Citizen Counseling Section

Request reception desk, civic consultation, consumer life consultation, discarded things bank

Economics Department

Industrial Promotion Section

Commerce and industry promotion, SME finance measures, company invitation, measurement duties, tourist industry,
Maintenance promotion of road station

Agriculture & Fisheries Section

Promotion of agriculture, the stock-raising industry, private vegetable garden, morning market, reclamation business, promotion of fishery, management of fishing port

Employment & Labor Section

Job hunting support, labor consultation, worker welfare, work Civic Center management

Urban Development Section

Around around Tsujido Station west exit district, Hamamidaira district, Kagawa Station district base maintenance business, land readjustment program

Culture & Lifelong Learning Department

Culture & Lifelong Learning Section

Plan, adjustment of cultural administration, promotion of lifelong learning, city history

Sports promotion section

Maintenance of physical education facility, plan, promotion of sports recreation

Gender Equality Section

Plan, promotion of gender equality measure, thing about peaceful business, international exchange, human rights enlightenment.

Welfare Division

Welfare policy section

Community-based welfare measure, community-based welfare general consultation, social welfare corporation, local welfare officer children's committee

Insurance & Pension Section

National health insurance, national pension, medical-care system for the latter-stage elderly

Residential Support Section

Welfare, securing of house benefit, homeless measures business, life poor support project

Disability Welfare Section

Welfare of persons with disabilities measure

Elderly Welfare & Care Section

Elderly person welfare measure, house, Elderly Citizens' Welfare Center care center of old man rest, local support project, designation such as community-based service companies, insurance payment, levy, the collection, certification for long-term care of premium

Parenting Department

Parenting Support Section

Child care support measure, child care support center business, family support center business, child care short-term support project, community childcare promotion business, children's allowance supply business, Child Rearing Allowance supply business, Special Child Dependent's Allowance, single-parent home consultation, support, single-parent home everyday life support project, (high vocational training promotion benefit, independence support educational training benefit) business of single-parent homes, single-parent home medical expenses furtherance business, children medical expenses furtherance business, nurture medical care payment business, independence support medical expenses (upbringing medical care) supply authorization business, kindergarten entering financial incentive assistance business

Child Development Consultation Section

Home child guidance, nursing consultation

Nursery Section

Nursery Center, child healthy upbringing business (child club), special childcare, homey childcare business plan child, child care support project after school

Environment Department

Environmental Policy Section

Environmental policy, environmental basic plan, environmental management system, enlightenment and the spread of conservation of nature thought

Environmental Protection Section

Prevention of pollution, septic tank setting notification, beautification business, public toilet, human waste collection, septic tank cleaning

Resource Recycling Section

Garbage reduction, exploitation of resources measure

Environmental Service Center

Garbage, recyclable garbage collection, acceptance, disposal of garbage, maintenance of refuse disposal facility, body disposal of dog and cat, recycling product exhibition hall

Urban Department

Urban Planning Section

Investigation, plan of city, city planning decision procedure

Urban Policy Section

City policy, Housing Policy, transport policy, community bus "Eboshi"

Townscape & Green Section

Measure, promotion of scenery town development, permission of outdoor advertising matter, green maintenance, tree planting promotion, conservation of nature, preservation forest support hedge

Architectural Guidance Section

Building certification, authorization, inspection, instruction, wall made of blocks repair, earthquake-resistant building consultation, earthquake-resistant diagnosis, the repair furtherance

Development Inspection Section

Development activity permission, inspection, planning permission in designated urbanization areas, confirmation, inspection of specific development projects

Construction Department

Construction Administration Section

Road authorization, the abolition, border decision, land ownership investigation into way waterway

Road Management Section

Narrow matches and manages road maintenance, road private use, road, bridge

Road Construction Section

Road, bridge business investigation plan, new improved business

Parks & Green Spaces Section

We plan and install and manage park, green zone and manage of municipal pool, roadside tree,

Architectural Section

Municipal house management, construction design, control of public facilities

Sewerage & River Department

Sewerage & River Administration Section

Sewerage system usage fee, beneficiary contribution, investigation into drainage and promotion

Sewerage & River Construction Section

Construction of sewer, river, pumping station

Sewerage & River Management Section

Management of sewer, river, waterway, filthy water masuno setting

Health Center

Health Planning Division

Upbringing of personnel engaged in improvement of communication system between Health Center, maintenance, enhancement, health, medical care of the healthy crisis control and management system

Community health section

Cooperation promotion of community health, community medicine, management of community health center, specific infertility treatment

Health Prevention Section

Thing about infectious disease measures, thing about general affairs of infectious disease examination meeting, thing about intractable disease measures, thing about mental health measures, thing about atom bomb victim protection business

Board of health

Business to affect environmental hygiene and permission of facility, marque of the birds and beasts, registration of dog and antirabic animal protection and management, the extermination of hygiene pest, use permission of hot spring, pharmaceutical affair, security of food safety, thing about the spread of food hygiene knowledge

Health promotion section

Cancer screening others, health promotion business, food education promotion, nutrition improvement, maternal and child health business, inoculation

Municipal Hospital

Hospital Administration Section

Development, promotion, management restoration of general plan of hospital business, staff personnel affairs

Medical Professions Section

The accounting of hospital business, reception desk, guidance, hospitalization and release, medical consultation

Fire Station Headquarters

Fire Administration Section

Ceremony, public relations, commendation, staff personnel affairs, firefighting duties plan, firefighting public information, New Year's parade of fire brigades, firefighting emergency management Festival

Fire Prevention Section

Fire prevention, setting such as facilities for firefighting and maintenance, dangerous materials

Fire Suppression & Emergency Medical Services Section

Fire Station Headquarters Fire Suppression & Emergency Medical Services Section is divided into defending charge, maintenance charge, lifesaving charge and conducts various affairs. Duties that each person in charge performs are as follows.

Command Information System Section

Fire Station Headquarters Command Information System Section manages communication order duties such as the reception of emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance at the time of disaster occurrence and order, maintenance of firefighting communication order system and operation.

Fire Station

Fire Prevention Guidance Section

It is thing about grant of evil certificate and emergency conveyance certificate, fire prevention education of primary and secondary student, lifesaving class, maintenance of AED, setting of street fire extinguisher and management for fire smoothly Seki.

Guard first Section 2

Defense, caution, lifesaving of terrible suffering evil, emergency duties, investigation into disaster situation

Accounting Administrator

Accounting Section

The receipt and disbursement of cash, securities and storage

City Council

City Council Office

The proceedings of meetings, bill, petition, petition, statement of position, council public information

Secretariat to the Election Administration Commission

Election Administration Commission Office

Execution management of various elections

Checkup committee

Audit & Inspection Office

Periodical inspection, financial statements examination, every month accounting inspection

Agriculture committee

Agriculture Committee Office

Paperwork based on Agricultural Land Law, farmland basics account book office work, agriculture consultation

The Board of Education

Educational General Affairs Department

Educational General Affairs Section

Board of Education meeting, execution management of school budget

Educational Facilities Section

Maintenance, repair, repair of school facility

Academic Affairs Section

Attendance at school, transference entrance to school of child student, attendance at school medical examination, lunch, attendance at school support, staff of a school service, class organization of elementary and junior high school, the staff of a school fixed number

Educational Promotion Department

Educational Policy Section

General adjustment of education measure, education basic plan, progress management of important measure, adequacy of school scale

School Educational Guidance Section

Instruction, advice of school administration, learning instruction, child student instruction, attendance at school consultation

Social Education Section

Plan, cultural properties protection of social education business

Juvenile Affairs Section

Instruction upbringing of the young people, affiliate, management of young people open space, gathering of adults

Public Library (organization of Chigasaki-shi)

Rental of book document, seeing and hearing document, conduct of various voluntary business

Education Center

Research about education, the training of the education-related staff, young education consultation

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