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The 81st high south one round Ekiden meet (public information December 1 issue) meeting result announcement

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The 81st high south one round Ekiden meet result

Thank you for your participation in the 81st high south Ekiden meet.

We publish result.

The date
From Monday, January 14, 2019 7:30

Around Yanagishima sports park (we move venue to Yanagishima sports park from this time and hold in new course.)

  • Boy, one copy of girl (district opposition)
  • Boy, two copies of girls (business group, high school, university, technical school)
  • Part (man and woman mixture) of district opposition primary schoolchild

Primary and secondary student, the public (adult), senior

Team according to section which consisted of working, attendance at school resident in the city




From Friday, November 30 by Friday, December 14 17:00 application (is distributing in sports promotion section in general gymnasium. The acquisition brings possible) in city HP, too. Application by email fax is possible, too. But, after the transmission, inform of confirmation over telephone by all means to sports promotion section. In the case of fax, please submit the original by all means later. I would like cooperation for application by E-mail to prevent wrong character omitted characters.


There is convention in general gymnasium from 19:00 on Tuesday, December 18


Sports promotion section promotion charge phone number (82) 7136

What is "high south one round Ekiden meet?"

 It is prefecture oldest relay road race meeting, and the first meeting is held in 1939. We abbreviated the Koza-gun south (Koza-gun: Sagamihara, Yamato, Ebina, Ayase, Fujisawa, Samukawa, Chigasaki) to the high south of this meeting, and it was "high south one round Ekiden meet" because it was held in the south of Koza-gun. A lot of players who participated in national conventions such as Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden from this meeting appeared and team by Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden starter alumnus with connection was formed at 80 times of last meetings in Chigasaki-shi and heaped up meeting.

Held essential point
Application (the public)
Application (the public)
Application (primary schoolchild)
Application (primary schoolchild)
Number card table
Number card entry example
Course figure

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