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Historic spot, natural treasure "tsuruminehachibankyusando and row of pine trees"

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Approach to a shrine of tsuruminehachibansha and approach to a shrine row of pine trees

The designated date
August 15, 1969
City designated historic spot, natural treasure
The location
732, Hamanogo others

tsuruminehachibankyu is old shrine having the origin to be said to be end of the Heian era. We plant pine to about 420 ken (about 760m) to Tokaido (existing Route 1) at (around 1650) at the beginning in the Edo era, and there is jojinchomegumi of the House of other this temple Joo Koo which revived in Shinto shrine which went to ruin by war in document called "hachibandai***tsukadaimeishinryoshakorekiroku" as we maintained approach to a shrine.

In the approach to a shrine, row of pine trees is appointed in natural treasure on historic spot. In the approach to a shrine, several phases of senior places facing the road are confirmed in lower than existing place facing the road by excavation survey. In addition, there is not pine at the time, but supplemental planting is repeated every times and, in existing row of pine trees, conveys scenery of row of pine trees remembering feature of the past from the start in now.

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