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Eboshi rock

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History of Eboshi rock (rock shaped like a noble's headgear)

Eboshi rock and Mount Fuji

 Symbol "Eboshi rock" of Chigasaki to appear in song which sang Shonan much.

 Official name is called "Ubashima" (ubajima). It is in offshore about 1.4km of Chigasaki Beach, and height is about 14.6m.

 Stratum of Eboshi rock is old and becomes clear by 12 million years ago and investigation. In the stratum, the sandstone layer and the volcano layer make stripe, and thing that stratum which deposited in the bottom of the sea rose is wave, and form is sharpened, and it is said that it was in current form.

Record of the Edo era

Monument inscribed with a tanka poem of Ubashima

 The Eboshi rock outskirts became perfect Ryoba at reef from the old days, and had Ryoba fight between fisherman of Izu and fisherman of hometown Owada in the Edo era, and court noble Imperial Guardsman certain person of Kyoto composed on village headman of Owada in the middle of going down to the eastern provinces on this occasion; "Owada named Sagami remembers that there was song called Ubashima hatareomatsuyarahitorineosuru of ura", and insist in Ubashima being territory of Owada in evidence with the strip of paper, and there is legend that beat dispute.

 As there is this monument inscribed with a tanka poem in Kumano Shrine of Owada, how about visiting if there are any opportunities?

War and Eboshi rock

Old and new Eboshi rocks

 As for old Eboshi rock, bit left a trail like formal headwear for court nobles than current thing for a long time more to the west. However, it became target of target practice of the U.S. forces in postwar period, and bit disappeared. Citizens movement to follow symbol of town happened, and training was canceled on this occasion.

 The left photograph is the 1930s and current photograph. We compare and see where changed other than bit in comparison with the old days, and how?

Photograph: We quote promotion meeting making made with Chigasaki, the beach scenery than "secret of Eboshi rock"

Way of enjoying Eboshi rocks

Eboshi rock from rachien street

 It is "Eboshi rock" that formal headwear for court nobles which noble covered with is said to be origin, it inclines to the east, or it inclines to the west, or do you know real formal headwear for court nobles?
  In addition, we get on cruise ship from Chigasaki fishing port and can look at Eboshi rock close. If the weather is clear, Eboshi rock to look at from the sea can usually see Mount Fuji by different scenery together.
 Eboshi rock very greatly appears between trees planted to arrest shifting of the sand when we come out of rachien street to the shore. But it becomes small adversely when we pass through passage of trees planted to arrest shifting of the sand and appear on sandy beach.
  Eboshi rock comes to the center of Japanese yen of southern beach chigasakiniaru monument "Chigasaki southern C" and is satisfied to souvenir picture together.

Eboshi rock showing various expressions stares at gull and people who visit Chigasaki while playing today seasonally in this way from the sea.

Video "secret of Eboshi rock"

Video released "secret of Eboshi rock".

Trivia of symbol "Eboshi rock" of Chigasaki appear.
How big is it?
How long is there?
Did it have such a shape from the old days?
Was relation with people close?

How long do you know secret of Eboshi rock, everybody?
On seeing video, everybody, please look for various Eboshi rocks, too.

(note) content quotes promotion meeting making made with Chigasaki, the beach scenery than "secret of Eboshi rock".

Eboshi rock and citizen

Eboshi rock and gull

Eboshi rock cruise ship

Enoshima and Eboshi rock

Eboshi rock which we looked at from the other side

Start on a voyage of Eboshi rock cruise ship

Eboshi rock color color

Ferryboat Ferry steamer for angler goes out of Chigasaki fishing port to Eboshi rock.
Eboshi rock cruise ship "Eboshi rock cruise ship" became all year the navigation from November, 2013. We can see Mount Fuji over Eboshi rock depending on Enoshima, weather from the backside and the sea of Eboshi rock which is not usually seen.
No thoroughfare for vehicles of cycling road 43 Eboshi rock-shaped chocks are installed in cycling road running on shoreline of 8.4 kilos from Chigasaki to Fujisawa from 1994.
Monument of the second floor of the city hall rooftop garden There is monument of stone Eboshi rock in rooftop garden in the Chigasaki-shi government office main government building the second floor south side. It has a shape of the old days before receiving bombardment.
Monument of Chigasaki Station home There is monument of Eboshi rock installed in the east end in commemoration of the station establishment 90th anniversary most of Sagami Line home of JR Chigasaki Station.
Cover of manhole Eboshi rock is designed from April, 1991.
Ubashima monaka Monaka which designed Eboshi rock sold at long-established store of Japanese confectionery in the city.


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